Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deep Connection to the Ocean: the Beginning Starts the Heart of this Story

Footprints in the Sand; Cocoa Beach, Florida 10.2008

My aunt Shirley definitely helped me become the "ocean lover" that I am. I absolutely fell in love with the ocean when I was a toddler. She encouraged me to experience new adventures and showed me how to appreciate the world. She recently wrote to me, “All those years ago when I first took your little hand and led you down to get your feet wet in the ocean for the first time I never dreamed how much the experience would impact your life. I have always loved the ocean--feel a deep connection to it I can't explain in words--and wanted to share it with my little niece. I watched you fall in love with the big blue that day. I didn't have to explain it to you--you just felt it too & you have never looked back! The ocean is a magical place and this love will always connect us--how cool is that!” 

I remember many great summers spent in Ocean City, Maryland with her; I was only 7. I would travel to visit her in Ocean City as soon as I was out of school for the summer. I would spend my summers with her learning more about the ocean and the beach cleanup projects in the area. The ocean is magical and I think this is why I have a great love for it. When I'm looking at the ocean I feel both the sense of security and the drive to challenge myself. I cannot quite explain it, but I know no matter where I am in the world offshore I am not alone. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel and see the world in a new light; I am taking full advantage of this with no regrets. My aunt Shir also expressed lately that “I am so proud of you, your kind heart, your brave adventurous spirit, and your determination to live an authentic life. Your happiness and enthusiasm for life shines in your face and can be felt in your words (even your written words)--and that is why your nickname "Magnet" is so perfect for you because people are attracted to these positive qualities in you.” 

Beach Day; Cocoa Beach, Florida 10.2008

I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have someone in your life that has confidence in you every step of the way. Life has many options to offer us; you can only hope that you chose the right path. With loving friends and family the world does not seem so big. There is nothing you cannot conquer with the love, support, and encouragement that is provided to you. I am gracious to have caring family and friends in my life. With my husband, Adrian, he instills music in our life and I bring the tranquility of the ocean to our front door. Like me, he has a great admiration for life, love, and success. Between my aunt Shir and Adrian, they are my biggest supporters.