Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Memoir of a Marine Biologist; Introducing a New Definition of an Adrenaline Rush

Trinidad Sunset Overlooking Land Below; 01.2011

TravelingMarineBiologist is mostly geared toward my unique, but fabulous lifestyle. The experiences that I travel through, the obstacles that challenge me, and the lessons learned along the way unravel in the memoir of a Marine Biologist. When these factors are mixed with adventure and adrenaline, my life surely is never a dull moment!

Though many of my travels are revealed through pictures of the places I have explored, this story is more of a reflection of my thoughts, feelings, and love for excitement. Each new experience leads me deeper into my compassion for both Marine Biology and life. 

Embark in this journey with me as we begin to dive into a new world of discovery, adventure, and adrenaline.