Sunday, January 23, 2011

Offshore Lifestyle Unraveled; a Greater Appreciation for Marine Life

My First Picture as a Marine Mammal Scientist with Whit (One of My Best Friends & a Great Biologist); Atlantic Ocean: Texas Horizon 09.2007

Some of you may ask what an offshore lifestyle is and why would an individual want to be living on a boat for months at a time? I can honestly say that this is one of my best decisions that I have made in my life. The other greatest decision was to get married; more on this in future posts.

I work for the Oil & Gas Industry on seismic ships as a Marine Mammal Scientist. My main responsibilities are to encourage particular guidelines to the seismic industry that should be followed when working in the marine environment. I also document and research the cetaceans (whales & dolphins) that we come across during the survey on the ocean. With this position comes the ability to leave your problems and worries ashore and embark on a journey filled with spontaneity, mystery, and tranquility found within the depths of the ocean.  

I also work for NOAA as a Fishery Biologist II on commercial fishing boats when I have extra time onshore. My duties involve the identification of specimens (anywhere from fish to sharks), unhook sharks and release them back in the water (after I finish the collection of data), measure all bycatch and target species (assembled further research for NOAA), and unhook marine sea turtles once caught in the fishermen nets. 

I have ambitions to pursue a career as an Environmental Officer on cruise line ships. This position would allow me to enforce specific guidelines to help sustain both the land and marine environment. I would also have the opportunity to travel worldwide to various vacation destinations and teach kids onboard the importance of marine conservation.

I am taken to a world where marine life swims freely, sunrises & sunsets light up the sky and land is out of sight and out of mind.  Imagine waking up every day to the view of the ocean, the countless clouds, and the brightness of the sun kissing your lips. This really is the type of lifestyle that I have grown to love. I really cannot wait to tell and show you more of this unique, but fabulous lifestyle.