Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last Destination Florida; the Road Trip down the Chosen Path

Jake, me, and Josh at PSU Graduation; State College, Pennsylvania 08.2007

The day had finally arrived, I was moving to Florida in less than 6 hours. Ironically, it was August 18, 2007 and the day of my PSU graduation – “5 All-Time Favorite Memories at PSU; Good Times with Amazing People” ceremony. As I packed the last few boxes, it hit me - I was about to embark on a journey filled with unearthed and endless possibilities into the “Real” world. That day started a new chapter in my life; the world was my sandbox. I glanced around the empty walls, where a black light and posters had once hung – I felt a sudden rush of emotions mixed with both excitement and sadness. I still remember that feeling that I had in my gut – that strange emotion that seemed to haunt me. I was about to leave my really good friends behind and travel a few thousand miles away solo – that brought a severe uneasiness and discomfort to my mind. I remember thinking and questioning myself if I was prepared enough to do such a task. I knew in my heart that this was the best decision for me - I had to “experience” all of life’s pleasures.  I had to see how far I could push my own limits

Kissing the Pig for Good Luck; Bakersville, Pennsylvania 08.2007

The Pennsylvania State University Emblem; State College, Pennsylvania 08.2007

As my PSU graduation had drawn closer and closer, the more I walked down memory lane. I looked back on the moments where I played college softball as a first baseman (and other various positions), participated actively in a sorority, and created many great friendships, along with sisterhood bonds. A diploma, let alone a PSU diploma, was the ticket to help me reach higher and dream bigger – I was headed in the right direction to accomplish my goals one by one that I sought after. I had the opportunity to add a new adventure in my life and strategically begin the quest to reach my ultimate goal – To be recognized as a successful and respectable Marine Biologist

PSU Graduation/ Moving to Florida Party; Bakersville, Pennsylvania 08.2007

Lion Shrine; State College, Pennsylvania 08.2007

Great Friends Wishing me Fare Well; Bakersville, Pennsylvania 08.2007

I left my apartment for the second to last time and drove over to the ceremony site to meet my immediate family. I remember thinking how lucky I was to have my family here with me and how great it was to have them all watching me take the next big step in my life. As my name was called to receive my PSU diploma, I experienced a mix of emotions of anxiousness and cheerfulness at the same time. I replay that moment in my mind now and again – at that time, I thought, “Here I am not knowing what life had in store for me and taking one of the biggest risks in my life to purse a dream on my own. Am I prepared to have a leap of faith and trek into the unknown?” Looking back on that moment now, I tend to chuckle; I never knew that I could be that insecure! For those of you that really know me, you know that I am a positive person and am rarely full of doubt. One thing I knew at that point in time was that I created this moment and this was my time to shine

Leslie and I; Bakersville, Pennsylvania 08.2007

Dear Old State; State College, Pennsylvania 08.2007

The PSU graduation ceremony was over and I drove back to my apartment for the last time. I finished placing the final two boxes in the car – I had strategically filled 2 cars with all of my personal belongings. I was excited to begin part of my adventure with my mom, aunt Shir, and my youngest brother Jake. The road trip went smoothly after 0 hours of sleep, 4 red bulls in my system, and the last 10 hours of Jake and I singing at the “top of our lungs” to my iPod as we entered the Florida state. 

Leslie, me, and Sarah; Bakersville, Pennsylvania 08.2007

We were instantly greeted by a 6’6 dark haired twenty-something year old guy named Matt. After explaining the epic spring break – "The Chosen Path Revealed; Epic Spring Break Adventure” on how I met Matt initially, sleep was much needed! A new day would come tomorrow and I would set forth on my chosen path.

One Last Final Goodbye; State College, Pennsylvania 08.2007

Phi Mu Bar Tour; State College, Pennsylvania 05.2007